Outdoor Spaces at Hotel SAIACS CEO Centre, Bangalore

At SAIACS CEO Centre, Bangalore we give equal importance to personal celebrations, and our outdoor spaces are ideal for everything right from birthdays to wedding receptions. Our outdoor spaces are also ideal for setting up promotional kiosks and stalls. Right from taking care of the decoration to the technical support – leave all your worries to us. Our idyllic, green campus covering 1.25 acres is equipped with every arrangement needed to make your event a successful one.

SAIACS CEO center Bangalore Hotel SAIACS CEO Centre Bangalore - Lawn view
Saiacs CEO center  Hotel SAIACS CEO Centre Bangalore - Lawn

We also offer power backup, so your event continues uninterrupted. Hotel SAIACS CEO Centre, Bangalore offers parking space for up to 50 cars, making it perfect for all those get-togethers as well as business meetings.
The playgrounds at SAIACS CEO Centre, Bangalore are also perfect to end your day with a game of cricket or football - just what you need after a long, eventful business conference.