What Our Guests Have to Say About Us - Hotel SAIACS CEO Centre, Bangalore

Saiacs CEO center  Hotel SAIACS CEO Centre Bangalore Standard

The staff was very accommodating and gracious.

- Rhonda K. Hash, Overseas Council International, Indianapolis, USA
The thing I most liked about the CEO Centre: cleanliness, neatness, friendliness and their helpfulness.
- David Dick, Executive Director, OMS Int’l, Indianapolis, USA
Excellent facilities. Very helpful staff; always making you feel at home.
- Prof. T V Rao, Chairman, TVRLS, Ahmedabad
The CEO Centre is our most frequented destination for conferences or for managing our learning initiatives. Whether it’s a large-system intervention like a search conference or a residential growth lab, we find the CEO Centre is truly versatile and offers all the requisite facilities.
- Inbasekeran S, Director, Human Resource, Expat Group

Excellent facilities, enjoyed my stay here, wonderful staff. Thank you very much.
- Abraham Thomas, President, SBS Kochi

Saiacs CEO center  Hotel SAIACS CEO Centre Bangalore - Lawn

The attitude and response of the venue goes a long way to contributing to our workshops success. Over the years I have seen the CEO centre taking very seriously our demands and responding to them with all seriousness and effort. The accommodation rooms, overall upkeep and cleanliness have always been very good. 

What is really exemplary is the attitude of all sections and staff – to do what we ask for cheerfully, to tell us honestly when something is difficult and to really go out of the way to contribute to the success of our work. We can see people work 
like a team and we congratulate the effort of the team.
- Rosemary Viswanath, Managing Trustee, Group Relations India
It was great staying here, very comfortable and very friendly staff, definitely would like to visit again. Keep up the great work and attitude.
- Sam Mukherjee, Rajesh Group
Wonderful people, beautiful place.  Thank you so much for your hospitality and all your work. Felt more like a resort than anything.
- Rishika N.J, IJM